Sales Tax Problems

Sales Tax Problems

ABA Tax Accounting’s sales tax experts deliver results to help your company meet the challenges that come with sales & use tax compliance.

Sales tax is a tax on the sale at retail of tangible personal property and certain taxable services. Whether you are just starting out in the sphere of sales and use tax or established and growing your business to more locations, our sales tax experts ensure your paperwork is created and filled out properly.

Reduce your risk of paying penalties and interest on uncollected sales taxes as well as bearing the liability to cover sales taxes not collected by finding out where you have sales and use tax nexus.

Understanding the meaning of nexus for sales and use tax purposes is an enormous task. Leverage ABA Tax Accounting's tax professional expertise in state audits to:

  • Execute nexus analysis
  • Propose strategies and actions for cost-effective controls and approaches
  • Minimize tax liability and risk

ABA Tax Accounting tax experts will review your business activities in the state's identified and clearly define whether you have created nexus and are required to collect and remit sales tax in that state. We offer companies a broad array of sales and use tax services to help mitigate the impact of sales & use tax audit. Whether your business needs tax registration services, nexus examination, voluntary disclosure, and audit representation and exemption certificate services, ABA Tax Accounting services puts the right expertise in your hands.

With ABA Tax Accounting's Sales Tax Audit Representation, you are never alone in dealing with state auditors and ensuring a smooth audit experience. Learn how ABA Tax Accounting's sales & use tax experts help your business do more than just survive an audit with ABA Tax Accounting's Sales Tax Audit Representation Services. 

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