Why an IC-DISC?

The U.S. government has a vested interest in promoting U.S. exports to allow U.S. products to compete in the global economy. The Tax Act increases incentives for exporters to better enable such companies to compete in the world market. The significant savings afforded by the IC-DISC are meant to increase the strength of your company thereby allowing it to compete for export sales. To take advantage of the Tax Act's significant tax savings afforded to exporters is to form an IC-DISC.

How it works:

  • Owner of export company forms a tax-exempt IC-DISC in conformity with the Internal Revenue Code provisions
  • Export company pays a 50% commission to the IC-DISC
  • Commission is expensed by exporting company (the operating entity), reducing ordinary income
  • IC-DISC is tax exempt and is not taxed on the commission income
  • IC-DISC pays dividends to owner who is taxed at 0%-15% upon distribution of dividend

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