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Dr. Magn O Nyang, Saint Paul, MN - Amare Berhie at ABA Tax Accounting has been working for my Clinical Counseling Clinic since January 2016. Since I hired Amare as my accountant and CFO my clinic’s finances have run smoothly. I was able to understand my clinic’s monthly and quarterly transactions and reports because Amare explains and reports it to me in a clear and concise manner.  I would highly recommend Amare Berhie and his firm ABA Tax Accounting to anyone who wants accountable and effective accounting and CFO services. Dr. Magn O Nyang, Clinical Director & CEO, Minnesota Multi-Cultural Counseling & Consultant

Dr. Amy Smith, Lino Lakes, MN - We have used ABA Tax Accounting for two years and we are completely satisfied. Mr. Berhie is very personable and professional. He answered all our questions clearly and accurately. On several occasions I called with a quick questions and my calls were always returned within minutes. We saved money due to Mr. Berhie's expert services. I would recommend this tax preparation service without reservation.

Bruce Wirtz, Woodbury, MN - Amare was amazing he help me step-by-step to get all my books accurate and up-to-date. He is also very friendly and helpful and makes you feel like he's your own private account.

Chandra Chepuri, Woodbury, MN - I strongly recommend ABA tax services to my friends. I want thank Amara for all his help and guidance.

Terry Olson, Arden Hills, MN - Amare is extremely helpful in all aspect of help for a business and, for a business owner. He is trustworthy hard working and always polite and curious. I would recommend him to anyone who need help with financial information or taxes. He's the best I've had.

Lawrence Rajan, Woodbury, MN - I looked up ABA Tax accounting on the internet as I was frantically searching for someone to help with my tax preparation. After looking at all the 5 star reviews that Amare had, I had no hesitation in calling up Amare and setting up an appointment. He was very helpful, and was flexible enough to stay back late in the day and ensure that he had all the information he needed to get my taxes done. Really appreciate the work done by Amare and would definitely recommend his services to my friends.

Mark Lolodziej, Saint Paul, MN -  I have been using ABA Tax Accounting for a few years now since my last Tax Accountant retired. Amare researches topics related to your return so that you understand why your return was prepared a certain way. I would recommend ABA Tax Accounting to anyone that needs a good accountant that explains everything in terms you understand.

Enrico Sherman, Saint Paul, MN - I called Amare at 11:00pm on April 14th, the day before taxes are due, after flying in from AZ. He needed more information from me and responded to my phone call at (1:00am 15-Apr. 2015), above and beyond the call of duty. Not only was the information necessary but crucial to the filing before deadline. He handled it like a PRO, that's why he's my PRO.

Jason Stedman, Rogers, MN - Amare has prepared our taxes for the past 2 years. He has been great to work with and would recommend his service to others! He was easy to reach, offering quick answers to our questions and preparation of our taxes.

Josh Fleming, Woodbury, MN - ABA Tax Accounting is a great place to go through for help with your taxes. Amare helped me figure out everything I needed to do to pay for self-employment and did so in a manner in which I understood. I recommend Amare to anyone looking for professional support with their taxes.

Aaron Kamara, Saint Paul, MN - I should sum up my review in one statement; it was a blessing for me in disguise for Mr. Berhie to accept to be my tax accountant! You may wonder why I started my review this way. The simple answer - very bad past experience! When someone you trusted so much ends up messing up your job and you have to suffer the consequences, it’s not an experience you ever relish telling. Mr. Berhie demonstrated professionalism when I first met with him. Just as the saying goes: “first impression goes a long way”, Mr. Berhie presented himself to me as someone very trustworthy, someone very dependable, well organized, responsible, and, above all, a God loving and fearing person. And he proved true to being such! Come the second year, Mr. Berhie exhibited the same professional qualities as the first year I met him, and there goes the third year, he hasn’t been a changed man for once.

Because of that bad aforementioned experience with a non-professional, unethical accountant/tax preparer, it took me three years to write this review. Why? Because I was trying to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that Mr. Berhie deserves a well-worded review; he deserves to be praised for being a well-cultured accountant that one can be proud of. Thank you Mr. Berhie.

Gabriel Bekele, Saint Paul, MN - I’ve known Amare berhie for over 12 years. He has been my Tax preparer for many years and as far as his knowledge and experience is concerned he is the best. He is very reliable, patient, organized and diligent in what he is doing. He is very well liked by the community and generous with his time and money. I would recommend him as one of the top Tax Accounting Consultant in twin cities. Please check out his professional profile on LinkedIn and see for yourself.

Jennifer Forester, Minneapolis, MN - Amare was quick in getting back to us about setting up an appointment. He was professional and friendly. We also appreciated that he would explain some of our different options, rather than just fill out the paper work. Its always nice to understand the why around what we are doing!

Betty Sufka, Saint Paul, MN - Amare has done my taxes now for 2 years, he's very professional, friendly, will go the extra mile for you to make sure you are getting everything you have coming back to you, he explain everything that he does, I really enjoy talking with him

I have learn a lot from him, Keep up the great work Amare I will be sure to share your name with all my friends and family.

Aaron Shilts, Woodbury, MN - Amare has made our tax filling process absolutely simple and painless. He's a consummate professional and a man of high integrity. Highly recommended!

Katie Longwell, Inver Grove Heights, MN - Amare was great! He prepared our taxes very quickly, answered all of our questions, and was very thoughtful about how to maximize our tax benefits. Easy to reach him, too.

Tom Tardif, Woodbury, MN - Amare was very professional and quickly prepared our taxes. I would recommend his services!

Osita Orakwue, Rochester, MN - I changed my CPA to AB Tax Accounting due to proximity and I got a timely delivered comprehensive services. I am intrigued by their time management and document organization.

Eddle Senay, New Hope, MN - Mr. Amare berhie is a dedicated professional who performs his duties to the utmost satisfaction of his customers. My family members are fortunate to have his professional input to take care of our tax preparations for over ten years.

Mr. Berhie's services have enabled our tax related documents to be in order for all these years. The product of his serices are excellent. I therefore, fully recommend his services to others too.

Selam Wolde, Anoka, MN - ABA Tax Accounting's services are second to none if one is looking for experienced and insightful tax services. I have known Amare Berhie for the last four years and my great experience with him is worth recommending his business. Experience, integrity, and accuracy are the top three qualities you will observe the moment you step into ABA Tax Accounting. Hence, it has become my number one go-to source in my list if one is looking for very friendly and highly knowledgeable tax services in the industry. Try ABA Tax Accounting’s services and you will not regret your visit!

Hugh Rowley, Oakdale, MN - Every once in a while you just "Luck-out"! That's what I did when I picked ABA Tax Accounting from the Google Line-up of Accountants for the area. Being new to the area and having the need to have my tax schedules processed, I had no idea who I could trust with the job. I found ABA's very impressive website and thought I'd take a chance. I have found them to be very efficient, professional and fast. This is definitely a 5-Star organization.

Mike Tekeste, Inver Grove Heights, MN - Amare Berhie has been handling both my business sales tax and personal taxes since I purchased my business in 2008. I am unconditionally pleased with his performance. His professional demeanor and know-how help to ease my concerns about potential tax issues. I would unhesitantly recommend Mr. Berhie and his firm, ABA Tax Accounting to any person or business in need of accounting services.

Heather Pranke, Shoreview, MN - Amare is great to work with. He is very patient with me as I have a lot on my plate. He's very helpful and does what he can to save a dollar. He is professional and very knowledgeable in Quickbooks, which was extremely helpful because he taught me some shortcuts and features I didn't know about.

Pomi Tefera, San Francisco, CA - After living in MN and NY in one year while being self employed/contractor and then starting at a new company, I wanted a professional to handle my taxes so that I could maximize my return and file with accuracy. Amare was an absolute pleasure to work with. He used a secure portal so that we could share documents remotely with ease. He was gracious and very professional in all of our interaction. I was very busy with work, but he was flexible and very accommodating with my schedule. He was sincere in his effort to get me the best possible tax return and had a very quick turn around on forms after our conversations in order to get them filed as quickly as possible. This year I have lived and worked in CT and TX, I know that Amare has the national tax expertise to get the job done quickly and accurately. I will definitely be coming to Amare again and would absolutely recommend him to others.

Tihut Getahun, Lakeville, MN - I am pleased to recommend Amare Berhie and his firm, ABA Tax Accounting. Amare has been my tax accountant since 1997. Through all this time Amare has done great job and I feel completely confident that I have been getting the best service and advice. Besides his expertise on business and individual tax accounting, Amare is always willing to go the extra mile to help. He is always very flexible in accommodating my busy schedule. He is very organized, resourceful, trustworthy, and reliable. I strongly recommend his firm, ABA Tax Accounting and Amare Berhie as an experienced tax accountant for any individual and business.

Worku Moges, Minneapolis, MN - Amare has been our accountant since 1998. He is extremely trustworthy, professional, accurate and an all-around great person. He has provided us with sound tax advice year after year. We trust him completely. With no hesitations, we highly recommend him and his firm ABA Tax Accounting to any small business owner for their tax accounting needs.

Robert Hartley, Bloomington, MN - I have been with ABA Tax Accounting since I started my business about 30 years ago. I have not even considered trusting anyone else with my taxes and business advice since I first met Amare. He is very knowledgeable and thorough. He apparently spends his off hours familiarizing himself and his staff with changes to regulations and laws since he is always up to date.

I must mention that he is a good and honest person. My family and I consider Amare a great friend.

Malanie Johnson, Saint Paul, MN - Exceptional service and outcomes! I came to ABA Tax after using a national tax accounting service for many years. After this positive experience, I will never go back to the national chain I used previously. My tax accountant put me at ease right away by demonstrating his competencies with self-employment reporting and reduced my anxiety about missing tax filing deadlines. Honest, ethical, outstanding service.

Girma Teka, Minneapolis, MN - I recommend Amare and his firm, ABA Tax Accounting totally. Amare has been my tax accountant for many years. I have found his knowledge, attention to detail, and customer service to be exemplary. His counsel has helped me navigate tax issues a handful of times. I am continuously fascinated by his core ability to stay apprised of changes in the tax code, especially given how fluid it has been recently. Girma Teka

Lenore Karash, Isanti, MN - "I have known Amare Berhie since 1995.  He was recommended to us when our accountant Tom Moore was diagnosed with cancer. Tom was a most trusted friend and he searched to find an accountant that would take care of us for the long term. He wanted to hand our records to an accountant that would be our friend as well as tax advisor. Amare Berhie was his choice and we have remained with him for 18 years.  Amare is extremely hard working and dedicated to his clients.  He works with us yearly when we need to file our taxes for both the Federal and State governments.  He is also available for consult as an advisor  in planning and preparing for the year.  He is extremely knowledgeable about the tax laws and works with the laws specific to our occupations. He listens to us and helps us work though the tax laws with  our best interest his upper most concern. He is impeccably honest and always guides us with sound judgment. He is extremely reliable and always available at tax time which is a busy time of the year.  Amare sends monthly newsletters that have valuable information.  In January, Amare sends a tax worksheet which is a  great resource for us to pull together all the records needed for tax preparation.  When we first started in 1995 with Amare, he practically had to do all the paper work by hand.  It is amazing how the process has changed and Amare has excelled at his command and knowledge of these changes!  I highly recommend Amare Berhie  for your accounting needs without reservation.

Desalegn Kassa, Chicago, IL - ABA Tax Accounting has been a valuable partner to our firm in Chicago.  Whenever we have an over load of work or when we have a job out of our ordinary line of work we call ABA Tax Accounting for outsourcing.   I am always confident that Amare Berhie and his company ABA Tax Accounting will do a great job.  They have proved me right all the time.  Any CPA firm that is looking for extra help for a one time job or outsourcing on an ongoing basis should use ABA Tax Accounting and the owner, Amare Berhie,  I have full confidence that you will be a satisfied partner. Desalegn Kassa, CPA, MST, Americare Tax & Accounting Services, Chicago, IL

Dan Hackert, Woodbury, MN  - I have been using Amare for about 2 years now.  He has helped my company get back on track, without his services I would be in pretty deep water. He is responsive and very efficient at his job, always willing to work with you and can do as much or as little as you need. I highly recommend his services.

Joseph W. Donelon, CPA , Eden Praire, MN - “I have been working with Amare of ABA Tax Accounting, during the preparation of 2011 tax returns. Meeting Amare came at just the right time since I lost a staff member in November. Amare and his staff took over the task of entering tax information into the software we use. We experienced very little in review adjustments. An increase in our bottom line over the prior year was a nice surprise. We intend to outsource our bookkeeping service. I highly recommend Amare's services.” Joseph W. Donelon, Ltd. CPA

Charles W. Adams , New Hope, MN - "Resourceful, reliable and innovative - these are three words that come to my mind when I think of Amare Berhie.  He is an excellent accountant who has always provided the finest service along with the highest quality. He is a true professional that maintains a high degree of integrity and trust. Since 1995 Amare and his firm have been providing me services in accounting, payroll and tax planning and preparation. Amare would be a perfect fit to provide service to any group he is assigned to. I whole heartedly recommend Amare and his firm, ABA Tax Accounting for any client that requires a mix of strategic, analytical and creative outsourcing solutions." President, Chuck Adams, Inc.

John Buzick, East Bethel, MN - “It is a pleasure to recommend Amare Berhie and his firm, ABA Tax Accounting. Amare has been my accountant since 1995. Through all this time he has always had an impeccable work ethic -- He is self-driven, punctual, effective, trustworthy and reliable. Amare's biggest asset is his wonderful personality. Amare is a seasoned tax professional who has world class tax experience on both domestic and foreign tax matters. He and his staff are like an extension of my staff, always willing to go that extra mile in these most difficult times. They are very good at what they do and have assisted me countless times of keeping my game sharp and assisting me in work with my companies: Central Auto Parts of Minneapolis, Inc; All Auto Glass, Inc; All Car Rental, Inc; All Auto Classic, Inc; Big Lake Auto, Inc. His hands on approach utilize his extensive knowledge and technical expertise to make him qualified to handle any tax/accounting project presented to him. Amare brings to any prospective client/employer a complete package of qualities, which ensures success. Undoubtedly, he will be an asset to the business he joins. I strongly recommend his firm and Amare Berhie as an experienced tax accountant for any individual and business.” CEO, Central Auto Minneapolis

Desalegn Kassa, CPA, MST, Plain Field, IL  - I have worked with Amare Berhie the founder of ABA Tax Accounting for many years to do accounting and tax work for my business. He is focused and precise and conscientiously applies his knowledge to advance the interests of my business. Amare is a smart, result oriented, warm, friendly and experienced tax accountant and business development professional. As a business owner, I found that Amare's expertise has been extremely helpful and very reliable resource. Over the years, my business has benefited from Amare's expertise for its professional needs such as staff coaching, human resources and organizational development. I would recommend Amare to anyone who needs a truly knowledgeable Tax Accountant/Enrolled Agent as well as an accomplished team player. I highly recommend his work.” Co-Founder and President, Americare Staffing

Janette Kihm, St. Paul, MN - “Amare has provided quality accounting and tax work for my firm and previous firms for over almost 20 years. He is very flexible and has created a process that works well for the size of my firm. Amare stays on top of the latest changes in his primary industry but also has a broad general business knowledge that extends outside of accounting and taxes (from his other ventures and endeavors). This is helpful as it makes him understand the nuances of my business and needs even better.” President and Founder, AZ Marketing Research

Dana Bellanger, St. Paul, MN - “Amare Berhie has been a dependable resource for my business needs for more than 10 years. He is very knowledgeable and provides an honest, straightforward approach to business accounting. I feel comfortable recommending him to my friends and family.” Graphic Designer

Judy Farniok , Shoreview, MN- “Amare has worked with my husband and I for a number of years and has been a great asset to us particularly for my husband who is a small business owner. He is personable, professional, knows his business well and takes action on a timely basis. I would feel very comfortable recommending him to my friends.”

Asfaha Bemnet, Eagan, MN - “I have been a United Nations officer for many years before my retirement in Minnesota USA. Amare has been preparing my US taxes throughout these years. UN taxes have special techniques and require highly trained expert to sort through. Amare undertook this with ease and a professional touch. Amare is a very impressive and almost workaholic individual that never fails to surprise his clients and contacts with exceptional and timely services output. He is very versatile, highly trained and definitely a great asset to any company that solicits his expertise. Our Company 1575 Vista view LLC has benefited immensely from a business transaction organized, packaged, and negotiated by Amare and his realty company. Furthermore Amare has followed up and undertaken all regular accounting (and at times even day to day management of the investment), tax preparation, consultation and always maintained close contact to ensure a healthy progress of the company. That is Amare. He never abandons clients.” Owner, Vista View, LLC

Dawit W. Asfaw , Blaine, MN - “Mr. Amare is one of the first business leaders who understood the need for FTLC and embraced the establishment of the center enthusiastically.  The first and the second journal published by FTLC were funded through his firm. He also donated money to run various community projects. He uses his reputation and positive role to represent FTLC. Mr. Amare is a mentor for so many of us including myself; from him I learned volunteerism, positive thinking, devotion to help people, leadership skill, problem solving skill and communication skills. When FTLC needs help, Mr. Amare is always kind enough to offer. He attends many of our meetings gives us advice and professional assistance at various times. He proved his love for his community, art and culture, as well his positive thinking nature by strong participation in the organization.  Because of the great help from people like Mr. Amare, our center is a model in our community.”President, Finote Tibeb Literary Art Center

Dr. Michael Lindhal, DDS, Woodbury, MN - “I have found that Mr. Berhie’s interpersonal skills to be exceptional. We have enjoyed talking, not only about our personal areas of commonality but also discussing various medical issues and concerns for others.”

Dr. Shewangizaw Worku, PhD. Blaine, MN  - “I am writing this note because I wanted to express my enthusiasm and appreciation for Mr. Amare Berhie, whom I have known since 1994. He is a selfless, honest, reliable, dedicated and hard-working person.” Dr. Shewangizaw Worku, PhD.

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