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Dental Accounting and Tax Services

ABA Tax Accounting provides specialized services for dentists and other healthcare professionals. As a seasoned public accounting firm, we understand how to apply financial formulas that will benefit your unique situation. We provide exceptional accounting for doctor and dental practices through a qualified healthcare Accountant. Our healthcare accountants are invaluable for offices that require accurate tax planning. Our clients come from all areas of Minnesota. 

Accountants for Dentists 

Our dental consultants have a deep understanding of the unique needs of healthcare industry professionals. Dental Accountants are knowledgeable about the areas where improvements are likely to be found, and this can have a significant impact on your business. We understand that you invest time, money and energy into maintaining a solid dental practice. This is exactly why it is so important to use a professional service for creating reliable financial reports. 

Dental practice accounting covers a variety of issues, which may include bookkeeping services; however, we are also skillful in assessing the areas of the clinical practice that could be improved. Our dental Accountant can make appropriate recommendations to help your office become more effective in planning for tax season. The expertise of our dental accountants is invaluable because it helps your office avoid common mistakes. Accountants for dentists also have a noticeable impact on the clinic’s ability to leverage certain tax laws. 

Accounting for Dental Practices

These professionals can serve as dental consultants for tax liability issues. Dental CPAs stay informed about all of the latest changes to tax regulations that affect dental offices. Our clients come from many disciplines in the healthcare field, and we can tailor the solution to meet the unique needs of your dental office. Our dental practice accounting specialists can reduce your tax liability, and our bookkeeping services can implement these best practices throughout the entire fiscal year. 

Dental Accountants 

Dental Accountant services are essential for eliminating hidden costs and improving revenue streams. By using the best accountants for dentists, you can eliminate some of the costs associated with running a private practice. Our services are invaluable to healthcare professionals who are committed to providing the best care for every patient. Our accounting solutions resolve many of the difficult aspects of bookkeeping, so you can dedicate every minute to your patients and running your business. 

Our services include a comprehensive package that can improve your practice:

• Accounting and payroll
• Tax planning and IRS compliance
• Business incorporation
• Best management practices
• New business solutions
• Daily bookkeeping 
• Financial controls and outsourced CFO
• Valuation of current business

Daily Management

ABA Tax Accounting provides a unique set of services to meet the needs of busy dental professionals. Our services are designed to reduce the total tax bill your business may accrue, and this includes early tax planning. When your office adopts specific protocols for tax purposes, your overall tax liability will be effectively reduced. We can implement these plans early in the first quarter, so your business can take advantage of the available tax benefits. Tax planning can help you to save the revenue earned throughout the year, so contact us as soon as possible to get your bookkeeping set up properly. 

We understand that most healthcare providers are dedicated to providing excellent care to every patient. Our dental consultants and dental Accountants have experience in discovering areas that can be improved through specific dental practice accounting methods. These targeted bookkeeping services can improve the profits of your dental practice, which ensures your long-term solvency. The ability to focus on caring for patients is an additional benefit of using our tax planning and accounting services. We provide our clients with a comprehensive accounting system that allows you to fully apply your energy to your practice. 

Comprehensive Business Services 

ABA Tax Accounting can also help you to incorporate your dental practice. Our experts can perform valuation functions for business owners who are interested in selling or leasing their property, for example. We can help you to re-structure your business or properly set up a charitable contribution to a tax-exempt organization. We offer a range of business-related services that cover the most common issues faced by busy healthcare professionals. Enjoy the benefits of our service professionals when you are planning to execute a merger or acquisition. 

Our payroll services and accounting solutions can get your business off the ground while maintaining compliance with relevant tax laws. This includes setting up your payroll for monthly or bi-monthly checks. We can prepare W-2s, 1099s and W-3s, and we customize reports for your payroll. Enjoy the benefits of our business start-up services, which cover every detail of your business management, organization and financing arrangements. We are proud to expand our service offerings to anyone who needs the unique system accounting for dental practices.

If you’re ready to get begin taking advantage of the full range of accounting and tax services we can provide for your doctor or dentist office, please contact us today. Along with an in-depth knowledge of accounting law, we also possess the expertise to improve the way you run your practice. Let us manage your finances so you can focus on caring for your patients. Call now at 651-300-4777 and ask for Amare Berhie to set up your free initial consultation.

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